Friday, February 18, 2011

Pale Friday

It's actually warm enough to have bare legs, even if it is only for a specific time during the day.  Spring must be on its way, and I am ready for warmer weather.  I have been taking every opportunity to soak up the sun on my back deck, as you can see my legs are super pale. But that's what I get for being born a freckly red head...I just need to embrace the pale.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're Number One!

This past Sunday was spent knee deep in my good ol' American roots (aka) I watched the Super Bowl at Raps a local bar and restaurant.  With wonderful people and some serious team spirit!  But not really, we just picked the opposite team that our other friend was rooting for, and it was decided that we looked better in green than black.  In honor of the win, I even wore a green dress again the very next day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Update

What I've been up to: 
  • getting over being sick
  • rehearsal
  • The Sound of Music opening weekend
  • friends and family visit
  • another weekend of The Sound of Music
  • college, classes, homework, tests
  • sick...again
  • ridiculous amounts of rain=lack of good outfits/ability to take outfit photos
  • Superbowl
  • lazy
So there you have it, what I have been up to since the New Year began.  My fingers are crossed that the weather will improve and I can try to do some sort of regular blogging. .  

p.s. The Sound of Music was a major success, we sold out completely on our final show!