Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The current loves of my life

Sadly I'm the type of person to laugh when I see someone fall or trip.  But luckily the only thing funnier than that, is when I fall.  Last night, after watching DWTS, and becoming overly excited.  I was practicing my sweet ballroom dance moves.  Of course, silly old me, was wearing socks and dancing on wood floors.  So in an epic attempt at a high kick, my other leg completely slips out from under me.  I come crashing to the floor landing right on my hip.  Classic.  I was probably laying on the floor for about three minutes crying from laughing so hard.  Who says I need friends or a significant other for entertainment? Besides making an ass out of myself, these are my other loves of the moment:

  • upcoming holidays
  • my abstract painting 
  • banana bread
  • exploring new grains
  • fancy scarves
  • morning cup of coffee
  • the compete ignorance of my bio class
  • rehearsal 
  • bored to death
  • finding my split again
  • brussel sprouts
  • wonderful fall weather
  • playing tag with my sister's kitten
  • how many times I have laughed this month due to two very specific people

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