Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Can Cure Anything.

My Life in a [Chest]nut Shell:
12 Dozen cookies
11 Hundred light bulbs
10 Plus 10 days till Christmas
9 Hours of studying
8 Days of classes left
7 Days a week of rehearsal
6 Ethnographer band members
5 Different classes
4 Naps a day
3 Christmas shows
2 Research papers
....And a blog post filled with too much Christmas!

So lately I've been kinda busy, this weekend we had "Christmas with the Sound of Music."  A variety show of different Christmas numbers and some from the actual show.  The director basically wanted to give a little taste of whats to come in January. Also classes are finishing up (hurray!) but that means lots of unfinished paperwork...  Still I'm really excited for the holiday break.  The house and yard are completely decorated to the nines, the weather is turning chilly, and I've been listening to Christmas music nonstop.  Also you may have noticed I cut about six inches off my hair and dyed it. Just something new for the upcoming new year.

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