Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturday Night Swing Dancing

This past Saturday I went swing dancing, and there was an incredible turn out of almost 320 people!  Turns out these swing dances are totally radioactive and that's the word from the bird! And if you don't believe me I'll give ya a knuckle-sandwich! Okay, I'm officially done using the square terminology of the 1950's. It's just so hard to resist! While the large number of people meant a little less dance floor and a couple stepped on toes it was completely worth it to see that many people out swing dancing.  Hopefully this means more than just two dances a month and an upgrade to a larger dance hall.  About my outfit; half the fun of going dancing is dressing the part and that means wearing a dress with a full skirt, tossing on some lipstick, and creating a couple pin curls in your hair.  I made this dress last summer and its about time it had some action on the dance floor.  For the next dance I've been working on  a little green number, just in time for St. Patrick's day! 

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