Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Banana Muffins

Just busy combining the two loves of my life: Bananas and Muffins! 

Remember to dot your polkas:
brown t-straps: ross
polka-dot skirt: ae
belt: f21
navy top: ae
neck bow: thrifted
I suppose I felt like wearing a lot of blue and polka dots today.  But the skirt was kind of a bad idea, simply because of how windy it was.  Next time I'll be sure to remember shorts underneath :)  So in lab today, we dissected owl pellets, which are regurgitated rodent bones and fur.  They are super neat, and so tiny.  I'm pretty sure our owl had eaten a mole.  After class I took a trip to the beach with my sister who is in town visiting and my parents. There was a cool breeze which made the humidity less obvious.  I sure hope fall is around the corner, my closet is better suited for cooler weather.

Here are a few photos from our garden, I was surprised to see that the roses are blooming again.  Also the white cat below is the fourth and final cat you will be introduced to on this blog.  I swear my family only owns four, and two of them don't even live with us.  I promise we aren't one of those crazy cat hording families, even though I do love them, and wouldn't mind hording a couple hundred kittens...


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