Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would you sail across the Atlantic?

blue cardigan: store in canada
blue dress: self made
goldleaf belt: thrifted
tie wedges: gap

I seem to be favoring blue lately.  Must be because it brings out the color of my eyes.  I'll have to switch it up tomorrow, maybe with yellow.  I also have to point out that my hair grows so fast, you can obviously tell from my roots that are poking out.  I had to trim my bangs too, since they were interfering with everyday life.  Anyways...in "exciting" school news: I finished my black and white still life today. I'll be sure to post a photo, so you can tell me what you think. Surprisingly, I'm kind of pleased with it.  I think the last still life I painted was about 7 years ago [in middle school].  Oh man. I feel so old, and my life hasn't even started yet.


  1. You are so lovely. I love your handmade dress! I made a few dresses a couple of years ago, but sadly I had an awful taste in material back then.

  2. Thank you! You could probably rock the material now, you should bring them back out. :D