Sunday, September 19, 2010

Veggie Burgers&Sweet Potato Fries

My New Year's resolution for 2010 was to give up eating all "land meat" ie. chicken, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, etc (I still eat any kind of seafood, but I try and limit myself to that about 1 to 2 times a week).  And since that is still in full effect and I plan to keep it that way, my new diet has forced me to search for new methods of protein. 

One of my favorite sources are beans [eaten in limited quantities of course]  Anything from lima, edamame, soy, black, lentils, and garbanzo are all equally delicious.  Black beans are perfect for making veggie burgers.  They are super healthy and easy to make.  Try making them at home, and keep your distance from store bought ones that have tons of preservatives.  Get in the kitchen and use this appetizing recipe.  Also hummus [with garbanzo beans] is really tasty and easy to make.

Here is my finished product, its kind of resembles black pudding.  But its not always about "looks" right?

Another of my favorite protein rich foods are sweet potatoes.  In my opinion they are best served as fries.  All you need is a small amount of olive/vegetable oil, sea salt, black pepper, sweet potatoes(obviously), and an oven.

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